Study cubicles

The four study cubicles in the library are just for you, students, PhD students, teachers. They can be used in one of two modes.


Reserved cubicles mode

Any member of the academic community can use the web-based booking system to reserve a cubicle for group work. So you can work with your classmates on homework, projects, prepare for exams together. Teachers can then meet with their PhD students, hold small seminars, lectures by foreign lecturers or even hold teleconferences in cubicle #1.
In the reserved mode, the group has the cubicle completely “to themselves”; no one else should enter the cubicle.

Free operation mode

If the cubicle is not currently booked, anyone can enter it, sit at a desk, work with a laptop or PC, study … anything. In this mode, everyone in the cubicle should be respectful and quiet to each other, the space is an expanded rest and study zone.
You can find out what mode the cubicle is in by the schedule posted on each of the cubicles.   


Study cubicles bookings Booking overview for present day

Technology in the study cubicles

In each of the four study cubicles in the Centre of Scientific Information there is one “TV” screen and one personal computer connected to this screen. In addition, you can also connect your own laptop to the screen.

You can borrow a remote control from library staff to set up the screen. In particular, it can be used to switch the screen on and off, and to set the source of the video signal – there are three inputs to choose from: HDMI, DVI, and VGA. The local computer is connected to the HDMI input as standard, and in cubicle #1 (for videoconferencing) to DVI.

To connect a laptop, two cables are provided under the strip in the middle of the table, one with a VGA connector and the other with a DVI connector. Once the laptop is connected, you will probably need to adjust the display outputs in the display settings, so that it will also display on the external screen. Usually the duplicate mode is set, so that the external screen is the same as the laptop display. To adjust the image, it is good to know that the physical resolution of the screen is 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD). The aspect ratio of the image on the screen can be fine-tuned using the ASPECT button on the remote control.

Under the strip in the middle of the desk you will also find electrical outlets, an audio cable for connecting to the sound card output jack on the laptop, and Ethernet outlets for connecting the laptop to the computer network by cable. However, a Wi-Fi signal should be available in all cubicles.

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