Loan services

We provide loan services to all registered readers. Non-registered users can use the library collection on site. For an overview of checked out items, please log in to your account in the catalogue using your UČO and primary password or L-Number and generated password (graduates, public).


How to proceed

  1. Find the book in the catalogue. Books marked as "In house loan" are only for studying in the library, monthly ones can be borrowed.
  2. Use the call number to find the copy on the shelf.
  3. Look out for books marked "STOP", these are books intended for "in house" study and can only be borrowed overnight or over the weekend.
  4. You can borrow the book either at the self-check station by the lift or we will lend it to you at the circulation desk.
  5. For books marked as closed stacks, ask the librarian on site and they will prepare the required copies for you.

You can borrow

Inter-library Loan Service

The Inter-library Loan Service is a useful tool for readers who want to have access to books not available in our library. Books can be requested not only from libraries in the Czech Republic, but we also provide an International Interlibrary Loan Service through which books can be ordered from libraries around the world.

Inter-library loan service from Czech libraries International inter-library loan service

only for registered readers of our faculty

only for registered readers of our faculty

the service itself is free, postage is charged

service fees in the hundreds of crowns

the possibility to request a book from all libraries outside Brno in the Czech Republic

the possibility to request a book from libraries around the world

you can check the availability of books on the website

you can check the availability of books on the websites and

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Frequently asked questions

What if I need a book and it is not available?

If someone has borrowed it, make a reservation for it and we will let you know as soon as it is available.

What if the catalog indicates the Long term loan status?

The book is borrowed by a faculty staff member as a so-called long term loan. Please check if the book is not available via e-loan service, or you can request a scan of the book – we we will contact the employee and borrow the book from him for scanning purposes.

Can I borrow books from another faculty library?

Yes, registration is valid for all faculty libraries. If you registered online, registration is automatically valid for all other libraries. If you registered in person at a particular library, you will need to register in person as well before borrowing from another faculty.

How many books can I have on loan at one time?

Students: max. 30 books
Staff: max. 50 books
Graduates and public: max. 10 books

Is it possible to borrow in house books?

Yes, we lend out in house books (and board games) overnight or over the weekend. However, they must always be returned no later than 10:00 am the next business day.

Self-service loans

Rental terminal

It is located by the elevator, near the stairs. You simply stack the books you want to borrow on the terminal board, tap your library card (ISIC) and you're good to go. It couldn't be simpler!

Optionally, you can have a receipt printed. The self-service check-out station will not work for you if you have an outstanding library fine or if you are trying to check out an attendance unit (i.e. a book with STOP written on it).

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Return shelf

It is located in the "device corner", together with a photocopier, book scanner and computers for accessing the library catalogue.

You simply stack the books you want to return on the shelves of the return rack. It couldn't be simpler!

Optionally, you can have a receipt printed.

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Also see the use of self-service devices in action:


Loan renewal

  • online after logging in to your account in the catalogue
  • by phone at 549 49 5271 or by e-mail at
  • in person at the circulation desk

The usual loan period is 30 days. If the book is not reserved by another reader, it can be extended up to 5 times for another 30 days. In total, you can have the book for up to 180 days in a row.

Why can I not renew my loan?

There are several possibilities:

  • The book is reserved by another reader, it must be returned.
  • You have exceeded the due date for returning the book. In this case, the librarian can extend it (by phone, email or personal visit).
  • The total loan period has exceeded 180 days. Bring the book in and it will be reborrowed at the circulation desk.
  • Your library registration has expired. We can renew it by phone, email, or in person at the library if you are still in a relationship with MU.
  • You have outstanding fees with us. You must pay the fee in person at the library, so your account can be unblocked again.
Returning and fees

Readers are obliged to return their checked out items to the library before the end of the due date. A list of checked out items and due dates can be viewed in your reader account by logging into the catalogue. If you fail to return or renew a book before the loan period expires, you will be required to pay a fee at the circulation desk. Overnight or weekend loan books must be returned by 10:00 a.m. the next business day (unless other arrangements have been made). If you are unable to return a book on time, please contact us by phone or email, in some cases it may be possible to stop the increase in the fee.

Options for returning loans

  • Circulation desk
  • Return shelf
    • The return shelf can be found at the entrance to the library on the left side next to the printers.
  • Bibliobox
    • The bibliobox is located in front of the faculty building.
    • Books will always be returned on the next business day (if you place books on the last day of the loan period, you may get a fine).
    • Only put books in the bibliobox, do not put board games or other accessories in the box.
  • By mail
    • By prior e-mail or telephone arrangement, books can be sent by post to Středisko vědeckých informací, Lipová 507/41a, 602 00 Brno.


  • For late returns, you will pay CZK 5 per item per day late.
  • For in house books (and board games) the penalty is 10 CZK per item per hour.
  • You can check the status of charges in your account in the Fines section.
  • The library accepts cash and credit card payments, and in exceptional cases, payment by bank transfer.




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