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Yes, that's right. You can borrow board games in our library. These are games that, in accordance with the ECON MUNI mission, help develop economic thinking. In a fun way, you can test your skills in investing, trading, logistics, distribution, management or urban development. Check out their list below. Plus, when you borrow board games from us, you'll save your home both money and space. So why not try a game from our list and improve your economic skills?​

We lend games on site or in the same mode as "STOP" books, i.e. overnight or over the weekend. And in the same way, we also charge fines – CZK 10 for every hour of lateness started during the library's opening hours. Only one game can be rented at a time (+ any game expansion). And of course, we trust that you will treat the borrowed games with love and respect and return them complete and undamaged.

Available games are displayed in cabinets next to the library entrance. Ask the staff at the circulation desk for a loan.

Some of the games also come with english instructions.


A complex game set in the early days of the railway network in the Czech lands. Although "building tracks" is a necessary part of the game, the core of the game is trading in shares of local line operators. And it is the predatory capitalist approach together with the various machinations that make this game so good.

7 wonders

Become the leader of one of the seven great cities of the Old World. Each player becomes the ruler of one of the seven ancient cities and tries to achieve as many civilisational achievements as possible – the development of crafts, science and the construction of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Arkham Horror

Creepy secrets and different scenarios await you as you become Arkham's investigators and save the inhabitants of your city from hidden traps and horrors. Collect clues, destroy alien creatures and defeat the main Ancient Adversary.

Arkwright: A Card Game

This game is set during the Industrial Revolution and you take on the role of one of the first industrial tycoons. You build factories, sell goods and employ workers. But beware of the Depression and your competitors who can take everything away from you... The game instructions are also available in English.


A brisk family game with simple rules in which your goal is to cover the walls of the palace in Evora as best as possible. Create a mosaic to match the desired pattern. But be careful not to get the wrong number of tiles and unnecessarily lose points.

Hogwarts Battle

Become a master of magic and save the Hogwarts school from evil! You take on the role of Hogwarts students who fight together against the enemies threatening their beloved school. The game takes place over the course of seven years and each year you must face stronger and more dangerous enemies.

God's Goods

This card game is set on a compact package based on the economic principle of completing production chains - raw materials + workshops + craftsmen. Just like in real life, players don't know exactly what's in store for them, so they consider whether it's worth taking a risk or playing it safe.

Brass: Birmingham

An economic strategy game replicating the industrial revolution of the 18th-19th centuries. Take on the role of industrial magnates, maximise profits from mining, manufacturing, shipping and selling goods, and strengthen relationships between industries through evolving forms of transport. The game instructions are also available in English.

Caverna: The Caver Farmers

The dwarf family settled in a cave in the middle of the mountains. The goal of you - the head of the family - is to create the most prosperous agriculture. Expand your dwellings, mine ore, forge weapons and find the sources of fresh water necessary for your survival.

Century: Spice Road

Who will be the best spice merchant? In this game, you trade turmeric for saffron, cardamom for cinnamon, and your chosen combination of spices for victory points, all while considering whether it would be more profitable to pick up a new trading card. Whoever makes the best sales and purchases wins.

Century: A New World

The latest installment of the Century game series moves across the Atlantic. The trade goods are for a change such commodities as corn, meat, tobacco and furs. Compared to the previous installments, the New World offers more opportunities for players to compete against each other.

Century: Eastern Wonders

The second game of the Century trilogy, in which trade is brisk. This time the player trades a caravan for a ship, sails between islands and trades goods for others. Compared to "Spice Road", this game is more complex, as the player must also worry about where and how fast his trading ship will sail.

City Tycoon

As the game's instructions aptly state, "Each player becomes an investor in the creation of the city of the future. The aim of the game is to create a thriving urban space and satisfy the needs of its inhabitants." Doesn't that sound appealing?

Civilization: A New Dawn

A strategy board game in which you take on the roles of leaders of some of history's most important civilizations. During the game you will try to expand your territory, acquire new technologies and build the greatest wonders. In the end, one civilization will rise above all others and leave its indelible mark on history.

Clans of Caledonia

Each of the players represents one of the Scottish clans going through a period of transition from an agrarian to an industrial society. You produce different types of goods, trade them and try to expand your territory. Will you become the most powerful clan in Scotland? The game instructions are also in English.


You send your animal helpers to different places on the game board to get resources. You build your own forest city, which you use to develop further with resources. You progress through all the seasons and try to collect as many points as possible.

Racing and Betting

Each player becomes the owner of their own stable and horse trader. The goal is to invest the funds entrusted to you in horses and racing, to win as many prizes as possible and to stay in the game as long as possible. Buy horses, trade them between each other and try to complete the whole stable.

Financial Freedom

The Financial Freedom game educates in a fun way in the area of financial literacy. The aim of the game is to achieve financial independence for a typical Czech family by saving and investing in financial products that simulate reality (pension savings, building savings, mortgages, pensions, tax changes, stock market fluctuations, etc.).


Experience the functioning of a planned economy under socialism. Players take on the roles of families who need to find scarce goods and to do so, they send family members to queue outside the store. The winner is the one who can plan well and also do a bit of "anticipation".

Great Western Trail

Transport your cow herd to Kansas City and from there by train to other places in America. The larger the herd you manage to transport, the more money and points you will earn. But be careful to choose the right route. The game instructions are in English.

The Game of Brno

Become a master of the Brno real estate scene. Embark on a journey through the different districts of Brno and across thousands of years of Brno's history full of great historical twists and turns, significant local events, but also minor disputes between the city's quarrelsome inhabitants. Take control of Brno!

Ticket to Ride

The story takes you to the beginning of the 20th century in North America, where you will try to build a railway network between two cities. The cities will be determined at the beginning of the game by secret lottery. The goal is to connect the towns that have been designated to you and collect as many points as possible for building additional lines of varying lengths.

By Truck Across Europe

Each player represents a truck driver who has to take care of the purchase/auction of lucrative contracts and their subsequent execution, optimally so that he never travels empty-handed on the European roadmap. The element of chance determines that some routes may be temporarily closed, the player must pay speeding fines and similar unexpected complications.


A fast and simple game that does not require much preparation or long reading of the rules. Players take turns placing magnetic stones in the field marked with string. Watch out for the magnetic forces, because if some stones come together during your move, you have to take them. Whoever has the fewest stones wins.

Cat Club

An easy card game (not only) for cat lovers. Collect cats, take care of them, feed them and buy them toys or costumes. The goal is to collect as many points as possible. Also included is the Krabice pamlsků (the Treat Box) expansion.

Machi Koro

Machi Koro is like Monopoly in a compact and modern design. Players buy buildings, which they then cash in to invest in more buildings. Whoever builds wisely and builds all the prescribed monuments of the city first becomes the winner. The game can also be borrowed with the Big City expansion.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

You become the leader of a small kingdom and try to dominate the kingdoms of other players. You can build castles, populate the entire realm and learn unfair magic to help you gain more power. Will you conquer the other kingdoms or will yours be doomed for good? We also offer the Dawn of Heroes expansion for the game.

Tiny Epic Zombies

You take on the role of survivors in the zombie apocalypse. You find yourself in a huge shopping mall and zombies are swarming all around you. Your task as a player is to complete the tasks you have been given and escape. It's up to you whether you and your teammates play the cooperative or competitive version of the game.


A classic game of "pure capitalism" that perhaps needs no introduction. Players buy up properties, which they then collect profit from other players when they visit them. Whoever goes bankrupt is out, the last one in the game wins.

Newton &  Great Discoveries

Go back to the 18th century, which was significant for great scientific discoveries, and witness them. Be a respected scholar! Travel around Europe, visit cities and universities, study new theories and make money. We also offer the Great Discoveries expansion. The game instructions are in English.

Settlers of Catan

An uninhabited island in the middle of a large sea, waiting to be settled. Build villages and cities, recruit an army and create a prosperous empire as quickly as possible. Acquire resources and use them to strengthen your position. But beware, there's a thief on the island!

The Palaces of Carrara

You find yourself among six northern Italian towns where you must build new palaces, cathedrals, libraries or villas to house your inhabitants. You take on the role of a noble family and your task will be to participate in the development of the town. Can you build a city that will be admired for hundreds of years to come?

Paladins of the West Kingdom

In this building game you become nobles who are trying to protect the land and spread the faith among the inhabitants. Build fortifications, rule your subjects, build workshops, collect resources and upgrade your properties to achieve the highest number of victory points.

Port Royal

Port Royal card game is about port trading. The better the mix of supporting characters the player hires and the better he estimates the risk, the better his chance of winning. The game is available including a debugged expansion that brings an element of contract fulfillment.

Monsters from the Underground

Although the name of the game may not correspond to it, it is a sophisticated management game set in fantasy realities. With the help of the entrusted Imps (i.e. employees of the company), players try to make it in the monster market. The more innovative the monsters a player breeds, the more money and reputation his or her business will gain. But it won't be that easy...

Puerto Rico

This very popular strategic game is set in the environment of colonization of the New World - here players grow various crops on their plantations, which they then sell and use the money to build auxiliary buildings. The winner is the one who scores the most victory points. The game is in English.


As reviewer Dusan writes on, this game "is surprisingly clever and advanced". You take on the role of the mayor of a city, tasked with building the ideal city for its inhabitants. With the help of your architects, you construct various buildings for which you earn victory points. There is also an expert mode for experienced players.

Settlers: Rise of the Empire

Building a prosperous civilization requires considerable economic acumen, plenty of resources and a little bit of luck... The game can also be rented with the Atlantis expansion.

Spirit Island

You become the powerful spirits of the island, trying to protect your island from aggressive raiders. The goal is to eliminate all settlers who are on the island. Will you be able to defeat them? Game instructions are in English.


Chess probably needs no introduction. Come and play this classic and exercise your brain.

Terra Myst​ica

An award-winning game for the discerning with a minimum of chance. Players take on the role of leader of one of 14 nations and try to earn as many victory points as possible, aided by their nation's unique skills. The game's variation is huge, and despite the abundance of dice, pieces, tokens and other proprieties, the rules are not overly complex.

Through the Ages

You go through the stages of human history and lead your nation through the hardships of each historical epoch. You strive to acquire new technologies, strengthen your military might, acquire new city buildings and enrich your culture. The goal of the game is to leave an indelible legacy in history that will live on forever. The game includes instructions in English.

Tiny Epic Pirates

Take control of a pirate ship in the stormy waters of the sea and use it to hide a vast amount of wealth on mysterious islands. Plunder settlements, trade on the black market and hire a crew to help you in your quest. Become the pirate who will be declared the baddest in the waters of the Seven Seas!

High Voltage

Serious game from the environment of the power grid. You auction power plants, buy fuel and build the grid - the more cities you connect, the more you earn. There's little chance in the game, which makes it all the more important to plan and calculate.

My Shelfie

You've brought home a new bookcase and now you want to display your favourite items in it. Collect books, trophies, plants, board books and don't forget a place for your cats too! Who will have the best organized bookshelf? The game has very simple rules.

Whistle Mountain

In this game, you are an entrepreneur who has made a fortune on the railroad and now wants to multiply it by exploiting the riches hidden in the Rocky Mountains. But to achieve this wealth, you need to invest in new technology, balloons, airships and more. If you have the right equipment, you will manage to conquer the rocks and caves.

Point Salad

A fast-paced card game in which you collect 6 types of vegetables, along with recipes that turn individual vegetables into points. But watch out for slugs! They can really hurt your vegetables!

Railroad Ink

A quick puzzle game in which you have to connect the paths of the individual exits from your game plan. Earn points for the longest traffic corridor, the most connected exits and the number of paths placed in the centre of the game board. However, you may also receive penalty points for misplacing blind routes. All three editions can be combined with each other.


Build medieval landscapes of towns, roads, fields and monasteries. Connect as many areas as possible and control as many cities as possible. Who will collect the most points?


You take on the role of a shaman who looks after one of the five worlds. With your divine abilities, you are able to make the world a cradle of energy, peace and harmony. Can you do it?


Do you like birdwatching? In this game you play on the ornithologists who are trying to their aviary to attract the most amazing bird specimens. Each bird develops your bird zoo in a different area.

Next Station London

Optimise London's underground environment. Try to make as many sights as possible accessible by tube, using the tunnels under the River Thames.

Archa Nova

Do you love animals and have always wanted to try building your own zoo? Build enclosures, raise money from sponsors and build the most successful zoo!

Patchwork: Christmas edition

A simple two-player game in which you compete for the most aesthetic and best-rated patchwork quilt.

It’s a Wonderful Kingdom

With your teammates you are competing for the royal throne, to which you have a valid claim. In this card game you are trying to trick your opponent, build the best possible duchy and become the ruler of the whole kingdom.


A simple cooperative game in which you are trying to show off the biggest and nicest fireworks. But there's a catch! You can't see your own cards and the other players have to give you hints.

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