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The Centre of Scientific Information ECON MUNI is a modern university library with a rich collection of printed and electronic information. The name suggests that beyond traditional library services, we offer distinctive elements of libraries of the future: fluid social learning spaces and collaborative environments, a creative space, tutoring for faculty and students, big data analytics, Academic Writing classes, and much more. We serve the ECON academic community, collaborating institutions, and the professional community.

You can find our library at the first floor of the faculty building. General e-mail address is knihovna@econ.muni.cz.

Library regulations and price list of services

Library regulations and price list of services

The Center for Scientific Information is governed by the library regulations, which also include a list of contractual fines and reimbursements. These can be paid in cash or by credit card.

Masaryk University library regulations

From library rules

  • All those entering the library must put their personal effects (coats, jackets, umbrellas, bags, etc.) in the lockers before they enter the library. Only writing materials, books, magazines and newspapers, and a notebook may be taken into the library. Do not place your valuables in lockers – the library will not be held responsible for their loss!
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, the use of mobile phones, and noisy or otherwise disorderly conduct is prohibited in the library.
  • Books can be lent out only against a valid reader’s pass.
  • Books may be borrowed for a period of 30 days. The loan of the book may be extended during this time if it is not required by another reader. Readers may not borrow more than 30 books at a time.
  • Books labelled STOP on the spine are designated for study in the library only, although they may be borrowed “overnight” or “over the weekend”, though never for a longer period.
  • Magazines may be borrowed only within the library.
  • Readers themselves must carefully observe the loan periods on borrowed documents. If these periods are exceeded a charge must be paid for each book on which the loan period is exceeded. These charges may be large if the loan period is exceeded by a considerable period of time – see below. The library system sends out a warning before loan periods expire, so make sure you read your university post. Readers themselves are, however, exclusively responsible for the observation of loan periods.
  • Masaryk University Library Regulations, including charges, is available here.

List of contractual fines and payments

For the period from 1 October 2013 until the appeal (change), I set the following fees for the services provided by SVI ESF MU:

Type of service provided (fines) Fee amount
Registration of an external reader and issuance of a reader's card 300 CZK
Annual renewal fee for external reader 200 CZK
Issuance of a lost external reader's card 100 CZK
Contractual penalty for exceeding the loan period for a Standard loan (31 days or more) 5 CZK/day
Contractual penalty for exceeding the loan period for a In house loan
10 CZK for each hour of lateness started during the library's opening hours
Written reminder sent by registered mail 30 CZK/1 reminder
Fee for misuse of locker to store personal belongings without visiting SVI 100 CZK


The library regulations declare that "entry to the library is possible after putting away outerwear such as coats, jackets, cloaks, and other unnecessary items such as umbrellas or bags". The lockers in front of the entrance to the library are used for this purpose.

How does it work

Most lockers are connected to a central system that controls the allocation and unlocking of lockers to users with student or employee cards. Before each use of these lockers, it is therefore necessary to first go to the terminal, which mediates the service.

Ten lockers are equipped with self-service locks for a four-digit numerical code that the visitor chooses himself. These lockers are intended for people without a university card.

The locker room area is monitored by cameras. Even so, do not store valuables such as mobile phones or laptops in lockers.

What to watch out for

  1. Never put things in a locker that is not assigned to you.
  2. If the system assigns you a different locker instead of unlocking the locker with your belongings, check whether you have more than one chip card among your documents. The system also accepts non-university cards if they contain a compatible chip.
  3. Avoid pinching parts of the clothes in the locker doors – in such cases it may be difficult to unlock the wardrobe.
  4. After releasing the cabinet, leave the door ajar – only then will the next visitor be able to use it.
  5. Do not keep things in lockers overnight. After the end of the library's operating hours, all lockers are automatically released.

In case of any problems contact the library staff.

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