Electronic information resources

Electronic resources allow modern and convenient access, easy search and up-to-date information available from anywhere. An overview of all e-resources available for your studies can be found on the EIZ Portal. Most of the resources on this link can be accessed from networks outside MU, such as your home, thanks to a simple login.


MUNI Discovery – all
e-resources in one place

MUNI Discovery is a search interface for electronic information resources. It allows its users to:

  • Search e-books, journals, scholarly articles, browse databases and other resources.
  • Search by keywords, authors, titles and other parameters.
  • Sort results by relevance.
  • Easily filter results by various criteria.
  • View full text and metadata for individual sources.
  • Use additional features such as links to other resources, save to favorites, and export results to different formats.

Search e-resources

Access from home

ECON MUNI students can use a VPN connection for secure and encrypted access to university services and resources from anywhere. To connect, you must have an activated university account and VPN client, and then connect to the university VPN gateway. The MUNI IT website provides tutorials and installation files for various operating systems, as well as important information regarding the proper use of the VPN.


Connect to VPN

Online magazines

Online access to magazines – The Economist and others

The Faculty of Economics and Administration has access to various newspapers and magazines through the ProQuest database.

For example, the electronic edition of The Economist magazine is available.

The Economist is an internationally respected source of news, analysis and commentary that focuses on the global economy, politics, science, technology and culture. Its content is highly renowned for its depth, objectivity and thorough approach to reporting. The Economist is known for its ability to present complex concepts in an accessible and understandable way, even for readers who are not experts in the field.

The Economist's high standard of reporting is also due to the fact that it often offers unique and provocative perspectives on world events that often transcend conventional narratives. The Economist's editors and journalists are praised for their ability to maintain a high level of critical thinking and independence, making them one of the most respected news sources in the world.

Both the latest issues from the current month and issues from previous years are available in ProQuest. The magazine is divided into individual articles that can be browsed separatelly.

The articles can be viewed either in full text directly on the page or in full text in PDF format, which fully corresponds to the physical form of the magazine. It is also possible to search the content and create an automatic citation of the article.

Other online magazines and newspapers

Electronic books

Electronic books

All e-books available at ECON MUNI are searchable and accessible through Discovery.

We offer titles from renowned publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Gale and others.

Subscription e-book collections

EBSCO eBook Academic Collection
– english e-books, more information                                                                                                                                           

Free e-books

– Masaryk University reading room, freely available titles not only from ESF MU





Permanently purchased e-books

ProQuest Ebook Central
– access to already purchased books

collection of books from social and economic sciences

Oxford Handbooks
manuals under the banner of a renowned university

– collection from the field of economic sciences

Wiley Online Library
– selected encyclopedias and manuals

CAB International
– books on tourism

Books purchased by NTK accessible within the CzechELib consortium
– more information about purchased books: Elsevier (ScienceDirect)SpringerTaylor & FrancisWiley
– final lists of permanently purchased books on the NTK website

Economic data

Economic data

We have a number of specific electronic resources that focus primarily on economic data. These databases are not searchable by the Discovery search engine.


Statista is one of the largest providers of statistical and market data. Are you interested in the development of energy prices in Europe, the turnover of the food and beverage industry in the European Union or the countries at the top of the fashion industry rankings? The database offers clear charts, infographics and reports on these and thousands of other topics.


Refinitiv Workspace for Students

Refinitiv Workspace for Students is a service that provides financial intelligence. The database includes a huge amount of global economic, corporate and financial data.


Global Financials

A platform that provides its users with deeper insight into the financial performance of companies around the world, enabling them to make more informed decisions in their respective areas. The database provides a standardised view of easy-to-understand financial data across a range of international markets without the need to understand complex local file formats.

global financials

OECD Library

A comprehensive collection of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) electronic resources offering socio-economic statistical data of OECD member countries in the form of time series and comparisons.

OECD library


Newspapers and magazines online

MU has prepaid access to the PressReader database for all students and employees.

Current electronic editions of more than 7000 selected daily newspapers and magazines from around the world, including the Czech Republic, are available.The database can be used both via a web browser at www.pressreader.com or via a separate application on mobile phones or tablets. You can find supported systems and application links here.

PressReader allows

  • read more than 7000 foreign titles in 60 languages from 100 countries
  • browse through the catalogue of available newspapers and magazines - including the possibility of searching or sorting by category
  • view electronic versions in full, i.e. equivalent to printed versions
  • access a three-month archive for most titles
  • reformat selected texts into a mode suitable for easy reading
  • read selected texts aloud using high-quality voice synthesis

Remote Access

PressReader content is immediately accessible from the MU network, both in the browser and in applications.

Outside the MU network, content can be accessed using EZproxy, VPN technology or using an active personal account created in the PressReader service.

Creating a personal account with PressReader requires entering a name and e-mail address (plus choosing your own password). If the user logs in to the database on the MU network with the help of his account, then he can access the content of PressReader under this account even outside the MU network for the next 48 hours (both in the Internet browser and in applications).

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